3 Coming Updates to Instagram Marketers Need to Know About

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June 15, 2016
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3 Coming Updates to Instagram Marketers Need to Know About

Over the past few years, Instagram has established itself as one of the largest social media networks in the world. The platform reached 400 million active users last year, and is especially popular among younger audiences.

As a result, marketers across industries are striving to gain better access to the platform, increasingly integrating it into their social media strategy. Naturally, providing a better experience for both its users and business is a priority for Instagram as well, which is why the network has been working to improve brand presence and capabilities. More specifically, here are 3 coming updates to Instagram that marketers like you should know about.

1) Business Profiles

The most important change as it relates to businesses will begin rolling out soon. Earlier this year, Instagram announced it was developing business-specific profiles that look eerily like Facebook’s business pages. On the new profile, marketers can include a ‘Contact’ call to action button right next to the standard ‘follow’ button. A click on the button offers the ability to either write an email or get directions to a physical address.
In addition to adding a contact button, brands will also be able to add an industry for their business right above the typical profile description, making it more easy for users to ‘sort’ the brand into a category. The business profiles aim to specifically separate businesses from individual accounts, helping to improve user friendliness on the platform.
[cta id=”4638″ vid=”0″] At the same time, the advantages are undeniable for the 200,000 advertisers on Instagram. Those frustrated with the lack of distinction between individual and business accounts will now be able to more clearly brand their business, tapping into an audience of 400 million consumers ready to be marketed to.

2) New Analytics Capabilities

A major frustration among marketers on Instagram has always been that success metrics are difficult to come by. Third party solutions like Iconosquare are the only way to get estimates of your posts’ reach and impact, making Instagram lag far behind competitors like Twitter.
Soon, however, that will change. Last month, screenshots leaked of a new analytics platform that is slated to be released alongside the above mentioned business profiles, and will look very similar to Facebook Insights. Here, marketers will be able view metrics ranging from the age and location of their audience to individual post impressions, reach, and clicks, allowing them to make more informed marketing decisions based on their target audience and most successful posts.

3) Non-chronological Timeline

As the amount of content shared on a daily basis continues to multiply, social media networks are increasingly looking for ways to keep their users; timelines streamlined and relevant. Most people don’t even remember a time before Facebook decided to introduce EdgeRank, the algorithm it has used for the past six years to determine post relevance and placement based on past interactions instead of recency.

Earlier this year, Instagram began to follow suit. Recognizing that the average user on the platform misses 70% of their newsfeed content, the network is putting into place an algorithm that ranks posts based on their relevance and past interactions with the poster. Given that the platform is owned by Facebook, we imagine it will look very similar to its parent company’s EdgeRank.
For marketers, this change has an obvious implication: you better make sure that you post engaging content that allows you remain atop the newsfeed. If you don’t your images could very quickly move into obscurity.
With these changes about to be implemented, Instagram will become even more attractive to marketers looking to reach its young and energetic audience.
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