5 More Ways Baseball is Like a Small Business Website

5 Ways Baseball is Like a Small Business Website
August 25, 2015
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September 7, 2015
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5 More Ways Baseball is Like a Small Business Website

To most baseball aficionados, the only season of baseball that really matters, is just around the corner, the postseason. With Earl Weaver’s quote in mind, the Toronto Blue Jays positioned themselves for a deep run into the postseason with the blockbuster acquisitions of shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki and pitcher, David Price. Both bring remarkable stats to the table and as expected, both have contributed to the Blue Jays nightly line-up.

“The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers.” – Earl Weaver

Business, like baseball, has to have managers, players, flexible game plans, data analysis and customer satisfaction in order to be competitive and successful. Since the landing pages of a business’ website are the store windows of this internet age and the website you field, particularly it’s functionality and design, plays a large part in that success. Here are a five “baseball” plays to make your website a game winner.

  • Clear contact information and forms – they are like the player with a great RISP. You win when you score the most runs. What is the primary action you want website visitors to take when they visit your site? If you want them to call, request more information, or visit your location, it is absolutely critical to list accurate, updated contact information in a visible location on your website. Clear contact information and functional forms will allow your business to collect important information from your customer base with the added ability to retain and satisfy new customers.
  • Polished and professional logo – as any MVP or winning player will tell you, practice makes perfect, and investing now in a great logo will pay off in the long run. Your website is your customer’s first and last impression of your business and a great investment. Make sure it is located prominently on your website and a good rule of thumb is to link your logo to your homepage to make navigation easy for your customer.
  • Modern, simple design – is the no-hitter of business, recording that final out in the ninth inning is a relief to everyone involved. A badly designed or out dated website leaves the impression that your business is behind the times. A modern, yet simply designed website will stand out from the crowd, it will be easy for customers to find exactly what they need and painless for you or your employees to maintain and update.
  • Mobile and user-friendly – it will be a walk off run for your company. How long does it take your page to load? Are all the links working? Making sure that your site is mobile and user-friendly will ensure a customer’s return and their recommendation of your site to other potential customers.
  • Engaging video – it is the “leaping catch” in the outfield that is shown over and over. When you include videos on your website, you build credibility and attract visitors without having large amounts of written data about your products and/or services on the site. Videos are an exciting way to communicate the personality of your business to an audience.

Contact us to talk baseball or websites, it does not matter which, we love both.
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