5 Ways to Boost Social Media Content

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5 Ways to Boost Social Media Content

boost social media content
Want to boost social media content from your feeds? Here are a few ways to create and manage content so it can be seen by a wider audience.


Last year was a tough year for publishers on Facebook. In the wake of an update to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, the reach of publishers continued to decline. To make up the difference, many publishers have turned to paying Facebook to boost their posts. Other social platforms have launched similar paid services. But are there other ways to attract more viewers, followers and subscribers to your content? There certainly are. Here are 5 ways to boost social media content so that it can be seen by a wider audience.

1. Create Trending Topic Content

If your organic reach on Facebook is suffering, consider this: the Facebook algorithm gives a big boost to content that is ‘trending’. To analyze what’s trending, check out Almighty Press, a content-discovery engine. It not only helps you find and track the freshest trending topics, but helps you publish articles on them before everyone else does. The engine’s powerful algorithm for measuring content virality may also give it an edge over other content-discovery tools and curators.

2. Become a Subject Matter Expert

What topics would you like your business to be considered an ‘expert’ on? Like Almighty Press, BuzzSumo analyzes what content performs best, on any give topic (it’s keyword based). But instead of looking at trending topics (which may not be useful to some businesses), BuzzSumo focuses on the topics themselves: what exact keywords perform best, what your competitors are doing and who the key influencers are, overall.

3. Tell Your Story Through Video

Video has a 135% greater organic reach compared to regular, photo-based posts. If video is a blind spot in your content mix, Rocketium can help you close it. Many of us feel comfortable with text and images, but have no idea how to create professional-quality videos. With this in mind, Rocketium lets you take the text and imagery you already have and make a compelling video out of it. The app holds your hand through every step of the process of adding and styling captions, voice-overs, logos and music. If you don’t have the imagery you want, they have a built-in library to choose from. Once completed, Rocketium also features one click social-sharing of your new creation.

So, if you want to break into video, but don’t have footage or video-editing chops, Rocketium is a great way to go. Also see: GoAnimateand Adobe Spark.

4. Optimize Your Timing

Do you schedule social media updates? Do you know the best days and times to share? Your posting frequency and time of day can have a major impact on your content.

Millions of content creators use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to manage, schedule and streamline their posting activity across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts. You can generate a queue of posts to deploy according to your preferred schedule. For example, as you go about your day, you may find a series of articles that you would like to Tweet, but not all at once. Using these tools, you can quickly add them your queue, then have them posted at intervals according to your preferences.

5. Rally Your Audience

If your company holds frequent online or offline events, you know how hard it can be to rally a large group of readers, subscribers and followers to attend. You certainly can’t rely on your audience seeing all of your event-announcements and adding them to their calendars. This is where a tool like CalendarX comes in. After signing up, you can share a calendar that your followers can subscribe to. Once they do, CalendarX will take any event you add to your calendar and add it to your followers’ calendars as well. This way, they will automatically have a built in reminder to attend your event, whether online or off.

Furthermore, subscribing to your calendar resembles subscribing to a newsletter, and generates contact information that you can use to keep in close touch with your followers.

Putting It All Together

Although content creators have struggled with recent changes at Facebook and other social sites, there are still a number of great apps and tools to boost your content and expand your reach. Try Almighty Press to find the freshest topics for your articles; Rocketium or GoAnimate to break into video content creation; Hootsuite or Buffer to streamline publishing across all of your social accounts; and CalendarX to include your upcoming events in your followers’ calendars.

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