6 Ways You Could Be Blowing Your Website Refresh

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February 23, 2017
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March 30, 2017
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6 Ways You Could Be Blowing Your Website Refresh

Spring is in the air. Along with your other spring cleaning activities, spring is the perfect chance to refresh your website. Of course, you don’t want to blow it! If you’re committing any of these acts, you might find that your website refresh is destined to failure.

1) Ignoring your goals.

You should have specific, measurable goals for your website that will help guide your marketing choices. For example, your website might be optimized to increase conversions or to gather more client information. Refreshing your website without those goals in mind will mean that your website will fail to meet them. Ideally, you want a clear call to action that will let customers know exactly what you expect from them.

2) Failing to identify the content your customers will actually find useful.

Inbound marketing is on the rise–and it’s a valuable tool that will help bring customers to your website. That only works, however, if you’re providing content that is actually useful to your website visitors. If you’re tossing out random content or failing to take into consideration what visitors are actually looking for, your website refresh is doomed to failure.

3) Your website is hard to navigate.

When people visit your website, no matter what device they’re using, they want content that’s easy to navigate. That means that key information should be easy to find, blog posts should be easy to browse, and your search function should work seamlessly. Keep in mind that a large percentage of your website’s visitors are probably using mobile devices for at least part of their browsing, so you’ll want to be mobile optimized to make it as easy as possible for as many visitors as possible.

4) You aren’t testing before you fresh.

Every industry is different. Your clients aren’t quite the same as any other business or any other industry. Regular a/b testing can help you build a stronger understanding of what your customers are really looking for and allow you to integrate that information into your website redesign strategy. Even little things, like the amount of white space you leave on the page or the specific image you choose for your homepage, can make a difference in customer interest.

5) You didn’t pay enough attention to your messaging strategy.

Your brand has a message that helps define it. You want it to be a clear, obvious message that will express exactly who you are and what benefits you offer to your customers. They want a brief explanation that explains how your brand will help make their lives easier. Make your brand messaging strategy part of your content message.

6) You didn’t have a clear plan in mind before you started.

Just like building a website doesn’t happen overnight, refreshing it requires a clear plan that will allow you to guide the process. While you don’t want to keep the same old website forever, you don’t want to update it “just because,” either. Instead, set out a clear strategy for the refresh process so that you know exactly what you want your new website to look like and how it will benefit your brand. The clearer your plan is, the easier it will be to implement it when you’re ready to move forward with your ideas.


Developing a great website with a clear message is a process. You’re constantly updating your website to make it better, from offering new content to changing little details about the homepage to make it more inviting to your clients.

If you need help designing, redesigning, or spring cleaning your webpage, contact us today to learn how we can help you use your website to meet your goals.
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