7 Tips for a Content Marketing Spring Cleaning

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February 23, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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7 Tips for a Content Marketing Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to do a spring cleaning around your home. While you’re at it, why not clean up your website design and content marketing as well? This is an opportunity to review your current practices, get rid of clutter, and perhaps try some new strategies. Here are 7 helpful tips for a content marketing spring cleaning.

1) Take inventory of your content.

The first step in a content marketing spring cleaning is to know where you stand now. This is sometimes called a content audit. Take a close look at everything you publish, including articles, videos, social media posts, white papers, e-books or any other formats. This lets you know how much content you’re producing and what kind. An audit often provides important insights, such as the simple fact that you need to amp up your content marketing or perhaps use more images.

2) Study your analytics.

Hopefully, you’re conducting analytics or consulting with an agency who does this for you. Now is the time to look at the big picture and identify important patterns. Look at all your metrics regarding traffic, engagement, and lead generation. This helps you identify the keywords, topics, and types of content that give you the best results. Also, pay attention to which platforms work best for you and other details such as what days of the week and times of day produce the most engagement.

3) Declutter your content marketing.

Decluttering is an important part of any spring cleaning. Just as you physically discard old clothes and furniture, it’s time to get rid of content marketing tactics that aren’t worth the effort. It’s easy to spread yourself too thin, especially in areas such as social media For example, if you’re using six social media platforms and only three are producing any noticeable results, considering dropping the other three. This saves you valuable time and helps you hone in on what is really working.

4) Set new goals.

While the New Year starts in January, spring is the time of year when everything starts growing again. For your content marketing spring cleaning, it’s a good time to plant seeds that will bloom into more traffic, followers, engagement, leads, and sales. Don’t simply set a vague goal to create more or better content. Set specific goals, such as at least 4 blog posts per week, 2 Facebook posts per day, 5 tweets per day, and two emails per week. Delegate tasks to team members. Decide on which platforms and topics to focus on (use information gleaned from your audit).

5) Spring clean your visual content.

Photos, infographics, memes, videos, and slideshows are increasingly dominating social media and the web in general. If you’re not making the most of visual content, make this one of your spring cleaning tasks. Honestly access your existing visual content and see if it measures up by today’s standards. Users’ tastes and demands are getting more sophisticated, so stock photos no longer work. Original photos and custom illustrations will get you far more attention and help build your credibility.

6) Reuse and repurpose old content.

Another tactic to help you revamp your spring content marketing is reusing quality content that’s still relevant now. Make any necessary updates or improvements. In some cases, reposting or republishing is also effective. Many social media and blog posts are evergreen. Another tactic is to take old content and republish it in a new format. Take a long article and create a slideshow, for example. Take a data-rich blog post and turn it into an infographic.

7) Try something new.

In addition to decluttering, analyzing, and repurposing, spring is the time to expand your horizons. Content marketing is constantly evolving, so there’s always a new strategy to try. If you don’t use videos, start a YouTube channel or experiment with Facebook video. Publish an e-book. Start a podcast. These are just a few possibilities. There are probably many ways to reach your audience that you aren’t yet using.

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