Want a More Mobile Friendly Website? Add a Search Box

Ask a Web Developer: How do I Make Sure my Website is Secure?
Ask a Web Developer: How do I Make Sure my Website is Secure?
June 22, 2015

There are many ways to go about hosting a mobile friendly website. One of the best ways to do so is to switch to responsive design, which allows websites to adapt to screens of all sizes and resolutions.

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But sometimes businesses like to go a step further to improve their mobile experience. We applaud their efforts and thought we’d offer some advice.

A simple tool that improves the mobile web experience is a search box. You’d be surprised how many small business websites don’t have one. But even though they just take up a bit of space, they add a whole new element to your website.

Even if you already have a search box, you should make sure that it returns relevant results. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, this is the best way to boost your mobile experience:

“Mobile devices are smaller and, as you can imagine, navigating a website on a small device is not easy. It is much simpler if users can quickly search for what they need. Use a search box that retrieves only relevant results to boost your website’s mobile experience.”

The argument against search boxes is that they don’t always fit in with the site’s web design. But although they’re not aesthetically magnificent, search boxes play a fundamental role in your user experience.

If someone browses your website from a mobile device, then all he has to do is type in a term in your search box and click the first link that pops up. This is an easier way to navigate websites as opposed to getting lost in a sea of links.

Every small business website should have a search box. This doesn’t just make navigation easier, but it also improves your website’s mobile experience.

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