Before, During & After: How to Make Your Influencer Campaign Effective

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February 15, 2017
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Before, During & After: How to Make Your Influencer Campaign Effective

Ready to take your brand to the next level through effective social media influencer campaigns?  If so, there are several things you must know about the process.  It is not as simple as it may seem, so knowing the latest research will give you the cutting edge to make your efforts successful.  Discover the key strategies to aid you before, during, and after your influencer campaign.

Before you begin, do this

There can never be enough research when it comes to picking out the right people to lead your brand, and with social media sites like Twitter, you have the sources you need to answer all your questions about an influencer.    Your revenue stream should be protected with the utmost care, so deciding on who you want to impact your profitability could make or break your campaign.  Before you begin, check out these pointers:

  • Find the right audience for you–Your influencer needs to have the reach you need to pull in the numbers your company desires.  Search each influencer’s audience by looking at the keywords within their followers.  See if those align with your mission, and while you’re researching that, decide whether the type of followers are good for your brand.
  • Type of influencer matters–Before you find yourself starstruck with big name celebrities, decide if less expensive and lesser-known influencers can bring more business. Research is beginning to show that influencer authenticity has a greater impact on consumer spending than a big name celebrity with millions of followers.
  • Negotiate the proper rate–Get creative in your negotiations with influencers and make sure you are getting your money’s worth.  Keep them invested in your success by structuring the pay according to numbers throughout the campaign.  Increase the payout for each metric your influencer helped you reach, and make sure the partnership has clearly established goals.  Often times influencers measure their success by different metrics than marketers do, so establishing clear definitions of effectiveness is important.

Tips to staying effective during the campaign

Now that you’ve picked the right influencer to take your social media campaign to new heights, it’s time to focus on keeping the campaign effective.  It’s easy to lose steam in the middle of the process, so try some of these tips to keep your brand charging ahead!

  • Keep your influencer and audience engaged–This could be by gifting your influencer with your products throughout so they are constantly sharing their excitement for it.
  • Adjust according to your consumers–Social media is powerful, which makes one bad tweet detrimental to your campaign.  Respond to your customers demands, and adjust your strategy mid-campaign based on their feedback.
  • Trust your influencer–Let your influencer keep their authenticity by allowing them to create their own posts, but keep an eye on them to make sure they are on the right track.  Use responses on social media to help your influencer craft their next post.

How to deal with the aftermath

You’ve worked hard, made the decisions you thought would bring the best results, so now you’re done, right?  Not quite!  Now it’s time to analyze what worked, what didn’t, and what could be better for the next campaign.

  • Analyze your following–Look into the Social media posts, whether it’s from Facebook, Twitter, or another site and form a list of followers who were engaged with your brand throughout your campaign.  Research what you can about them, what they like, and what they all have in common.
  • Check your metrics–How did your hashtags perform?  Did your posts drive traffic to your main site, or increase your brands following?  Look to find all the answers you can from the movement during your campaign.

Once you give a hard look at all the social media results, you will be better able to form a second campaign that is even more effective for your business. 

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