How Consumers Demanded Responsive Design

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July 24, 2015
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July 24, 2015
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How Consumers Demanded Responsive Design

Just a few years ago, before smartphones were established as a staple of everyday life, having mobile friendly website wasn’t necessarily a requirement. Businesses could survive without having a mobile version of their desktop site since not everyone had a smartphone at the time.Then, the standard was to have a website that was at least functional on mobile devices. Consumers only wanted to browse websites on their phones to find essential information.

But now, we expect businesses to host websites that are fully functional on mobile devices. That means consumers can do everything on their phone that they can do on a desktop computer.

A recent Huffington Post explains how this trend has developed. According to the article, consumers now expect mobile sites to be just as good as desktop sites:

“Not only this, but whereas it was once OK to have the bare essentials of information on a mobile website, consumer expectations are now much higher – 85% of users think a company’s mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website.”

So how can your company do this? Is it even possible to have a mobile version of your website that functions just as well as your desktop site?

The answer to both of these questions is responsive design. With responsive design, you just host one website that adapts to screens of all sizes. So whether consumers are accessing your site from a smartphone or Macbook, the experience will be the same. An added benefit is that since you only have one site, maintenance is easier.

As consumer expectations grow, businesses must meet their demand. In terms of web design, this means using responsive design to provide an optimal mobile experience. With responsive design, your site functions the exact same way on all devices.

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