How Design Impacts Business Websites

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How Design Impacts Business Websites

Design and functionality are the two most important aspects of your business website. Your primary focus should always be on functionality since it makes the biggest impact on the customer experience. Assuming that your website works well, though, you should also try to improve your design. How design impacts business website is directly related to the user experience.

Design has a major impact on consumers in all areas of marketing. When a business creates a TV advertisement, for example, they try to get the design just right. In this sense, it means finding the right color scheme, characters, and environment.

You should approach your website in a similar manner. According to a recent Small Business Computing article, good design is a common factor in both websites and advertisements:
“Good design is one of the most influential tools in a sales person’s repertoire. You can see the effect of good design in supermarkets, where chains spend millions of dollars testing to find exactly the right place to arrange products.

Why? Because good design influences shopper behavior, and placing products in the right location increases sales.”

The difference with websites is that it’s a whole lot more challenging because of the technical aspect. Unless you have a web designer at your company, you won’t be able to design your site on your own.

Since most businesses don’t hire full-time web designers, they just outsource it. This way, they don’t have to take on another salary but still get a professional look for their website.

The important thing is that you maintain your website after it’s designed. Even if you don’t want to change your content, you should still update your website once in a while to make sure it’s functioning right.

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