Easy Hacks to Optimize Your Website Content For SEO

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June 28, 2021
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One of the most important ways to improve traffic and increase ROI is to optimize your website content for SEO.

If a business wants to be found online, it needs to have a well-optimized website. With over 90% of excellent web pages receiving no organic traffic from Google searches, it's clear that many businesses are not properly utilizing their website as a marketing tool.

By ranking on the front page for relevant keywords, businesses can vastly increase their visibility and draw in more potential customers. However, optimization is not a simple task. It requires careful keyword research, engaging and informative content, and a strong understanding of how Google's algorithms work.

Here’s how to optimize your content for SEO ranking

Produce quality content

It's a cliche but it's true: content is king. Even if you incorporate all the relevant keywords but end up with content that's bottom of the barrel, your content will rust in the dark and lonely corners of the internet. For quality content, write with considerable depth, be consistently relevant to your topic, and have zero fluff.

If you want to have content that'll help you drive traffic to your website, it's advisable to have a content guide.

Incorporate quality links

You should include both quality outbound and inbound links. A few links to authority sources can improve the credibility of your content. There's also a chance that if you link to others, then you'll also be linked to. Such backlinks are like 3rd party endorsements and can ramp up your SEO ranking. Internal linking, which is linking to a page within your website, is also important for SEO ranking.

Include visuals

Content with visuals, like pictures and videos, is viewed at almost twice the rate (94%) of content without visuals.

And when you come to visuals, video rules. Adding video to your content can see your conversion rate jump by an incredible 80%.

Other SEO-boosting factors

Optimize your keywords: Use high volume, long-tail keywords to shore up your SEO ranking. In addition, your keywords should be relevant—to perfectly reflect your content.

Write Long Content: Long form content is interpreted as reflective of depth. Therefore, with all factors constant, a blog of 1,800 words is likely to rank better than a blog of 750 words.

Write Mobile-friendly Content: Your content should be read easily on a mobile device. This is because the number of users searching for content from mobile devices is increasingly outnumbering those who use desktops or laptops.

Do you want to improve your website ranking?

Your website needs to earn you dollar revenues. But if it's somewhere in the black hole of the internet, no one will notice your product.

Let us help you get started with a top notch SEO strategy customized to your business needs.