Here’s how you should NOT build your social media strategy.

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September 30, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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Here’s how you should NOT build your social media strategy.

Social media is a crucial digital tool to help you attract and retain customers. But too often, marketers see social media as an easy tool that’s impossible to get wrong. In reality, it requires careful strategy, thought, and skill. So, we’ve put together 5 important points to consider before building your strategy.

Don’t Buy Followers

Social media marketing, on any network, can only be successful if you have an audience to send your message to. And the quickest way to get that audience is to buy your followers. Don’t do that!It’s the worst thing you could do for your brand.

Follower count is what we consider a ‘vanity metric’ – having more looks impressive, but it doesn’t matter much. Most social networks now customize your news feed, a large number of followers that does not engage with your content actually leads to less people seeing your content than a lower number of highly engaged followers.

Growing your follower’s organically may take more time and effort, but will lead to more successful social media marketing efforts.

Don’t Be Everywhere

Another common pitfall is to spread your wings as wide as possible, establishing a brand presence on every social media network you can think of. Many companies don’t consider that they may lack resources to do this. Unless you have a large team of experts and a big budget, don’t start something you can’t continue.

Keep in mind, your audience does not participate in every social media channel, so finding the channels they use most is more effective than being everywhere.

Don’t be a Robot

Another common mistakes made by marketers who are just starting out on social media is to ignore the first word of the medium’s name: social. Your audience does not log into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to read mechanical brand messages. They log in to engage with their friends and acquaintances. To be successful, your goal should be to become one of these acquaintances.

That means no generic messages that sound either too official or promotional. Instead of writing content as a brand, establish your brand’s personality in a way that makes it easy for your audience to relate to and engage with.

Don’t Consider it a Megaphone

Marketing has been considered a one-way street, with brands pushing messages to their audience in hopes of getting noticed. But social media has turned that concept upside down, prioritizing two-way communication opportunities that your audience now expects.

The great irony of social media marketing is that you should not treat your brand presence as a marketing tool. Statistics show, 94% of your audience hates social media promotions, so the majority of your published content should not promote your business.

Don’t Start What You Can’t Continue

Everyone starts out marketing enthusiastically on social media. When results immediately don’t pour in, we get discouraged. Limited resources make it difficult to keep up with regular updates and community engagement, so your brand presence trails off.

Be consistent with your posts and brand message is crucial for your brands success.

Not having the time to continue does not necessarily mean you’re doomed to stay away from social media. It merely means that you need help maintaining your social brand presence, which is we come in. If you are looking for a professional partner to help you succeed on your social network of choice, contact us.
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