The Hyperweb Team Went Where? What is INBOUND 2015 in Boston?

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August 28, 2015
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The Hyperweb Team Went Where? What is INBOUND 2015 in Boston?

At Hyperweb, we don’t just build websites. We believe that engaging customers in the right place, at the right time, is a far better approach just placing ads online. Engaging customers online, and using content marketing as one means of capturing their interest, is key to conversion. That’s why our entire marketing team is spending September 8-11 at INBOUND 2015 in Boston.

“You’re where? What is INBOUND 2015?”

Why thank you so much for asking! Going to INBOUND means hanging with Amy Schumer is a possibility, and while that’s not the purpose, it’s a nice bonus.

INBOUND is an industry leading inbound marketing conference, with over 10,000 attendees last year. Content marketing (inbound marketing) is based on creating quality content to pull and attract customers to a product. Aligning your published content with your customer’s interests, and you naturally attract potential customers to come to you. Drawing them in gives you an opportunity that you may not have otherwise had: to convert their potential to reality, close new customer deals, and establish a basis for an ongoing relationship.

Attending INBOUND provides us with an opportunity for inspiration and education from industry thought leaders. Keynote and other featured speakers have a breadth and depth of experience, knowledge and insight to share – and extend across multiple industries, verticals, and roles – thereby providing a variety of perspectives from which to glean insight and information, consider new thoughts, or re-approach existing knowledge to apply in new ways.

We’ll flex our learning muscles during hands-on lessons and educational sessions, expanding our knowledge and enhancing expertise on designing effective inbound marketing solutions. And being able to network with other industry professionals allows us to gain from lessons shared regarding their work and experiences.

We’re excited about attending! Broadening our knowledge and base, gaining insight from industry thought leaders, hearing variant perspectives and approaches, absorbing from others lessons and experiences, and picking up new detail and methods – all to apply and put to work – for you.

Interested in hearing about more INBOUND 2015, or discussing an inbound marketing solution for your business? We’d love to hear from you! 

Contact us with your thoughts, or to discuss how we could help you use inbound marketing to turn possibility into reality.
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