Improving Marketing Communication: 4 Major Trends to Watch Out For

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Email Marketing Should be Much More than a Newsletter
April 4, 2017
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Improving Marketing Communication: 4 Major Trends to Watch Out For

Improving Marketing Communication: 4 Major Trends to Watch Out For | Hyperweb Communications

The function of connecting and communicating with consumers with the goal of selling a service or a product is always at the heart of marketing. While this seems straightforward, the fact of the matter is that finding new and exciting ways to attract customers can be rather difficult without the right solutions.By keeping up with the latest marketing communication trends, marketers can engage consumers directly by moving around the distractions and improving the reach of their marketing efforts. Going one step further and incorporating marketing tactics that appeal to the fundamental human nature of your potential clients is extremely important. By implementing these four great marketing trends/techniques, you will be generating more quality leads, building an audience, and ultimately setting yourself up for success.


1) Interactive Content

Just creating content that your potential audience can read is one thing, but creating content that is interactive and immersive is something different entirely. For example, consider the different types of “quiz” pieces that are becoming more popular. Through this medium, consumers are actively participating in your content. Through this interaction and engagement, the reader will feel like they are gaining something unique and different. Examples of interactive content include polls, surveys, info-graphics, contests, and the aforementioned quizzes.

2) Influencer Marketing

Utilizing the platform created by popular social media personalities is an extremely effective way to influence consumers. Rather than dropping an advertisement in your otherwise quality evergreen blog post, consider reaching out to individuals or groups that know and trust your product. One of the biggest reasons why influencer marketing works so well is the trust is generated from popular personalities that are seen as thought leaders. By choosing the right types of influencers, the establishment of credibility in your product or service will increase with each tweet, video, or post.

3) Mobile Video & Livestreaming 

Here’s a fun fact: Over the last two years, mobile video has grown six times faster than desktop video. Have you checked out Facebook lately? The video marketing presence is obvious and should be embraced by marketers looking to gain an advantage with their potential consumers.

Another avenue of the video market is livestreaming. While this medium is still fairly new, incorporating a livestream into your outreach program through platforms like Instagram, Periscope, and Facebook is a great way to interact with your audience.

4) Short-Lived Content

Sticking with the theme of video, platforms like Snapchat have appeal to the marketing and consumer world because the content disappears! This style of communication media is extremely popular among young people, a huge potential marketing base. The value of short-lived content has shown to be increasing, with major information outlets now providing a presence within these types of mobile applications. Integrating this type of marketing into your communication and marketing strategy will prove to be pivotal in the near future.


Have you noticed a major theme behind these four marketing trends? Mobile! Between interactive, influencer, video, and short-lived content marketing strategies, all maintain the ability to be quickly implemented and far reaching. As more and more internet traffic is generated by mobile devices, if you are slow to adapt to new mediums, your marketing efforts will suffer.

Taking the steps to optimize your current content for mobile is a great first step. One thing to remember though is that even if your content is “optimized”, it still may not be the optimal way for someone using a mobile device to interact with it. Adapting to the mobile lifestyle that many individuals lead in 2017 will afford you the opportunity to generate newer, higher quality leads that will ultimately lead to increased presence, audience, and revenue.

When it comes down to it, the right strategy makes all the difference.

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