How to Incorporate Scrolling into Small Business Website Design

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July 22, 2015
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How to Incorporate Scrolling into Small Business Website Design

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Scrolling is a key feature of small business website design. There are several benefits of designing your site in a way that encourages users to scroll down.

According to a recent Entrepreneur article, scrolling is particularly effective when a business doesn’t have clear priorities in terms of content hierarchy:

“If all of your information is essentially the same level of importance and you aim to entertain, you want to keep people scrolling through your website as long as possible (not moving through any sort of sales funnel). There is no searching involved. This is why websites that focus on images do so well with infinite scrolling.”

Here are some benefits of encouraging users to scroll:

Keep users engaged

When users scroll down a site, you have their full attention. It’s different from them skimming through your page and glancing at your content.

Although it’s not a requirement, some businesses use Parallax scrolling to engage their users further. The changing background and foreground keep users alert.

Show all your content

Encouraging users to scroll is perfect if you don’t want to prioritize certain content. You can still arrange the most important stuff to be at the top of the page, but users will likely see your other content, too.

Optimize for mobile

And finally, scrolling plays an important role in mobile design. It’s the best way to browse a website when you’re on a smartphone or tablet. You can enhance this feature by arranging your content in a certain way.

Incorporating scrolling into small business websites is crucial in terms of user engagement. If you can get users to scroll through your page, then they’ll read more of your content and see your products and services.

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