Increasing Web Traffic – What is SEO?

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July 24, 2015
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July 24, 2015
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Increasing Web Traffic – What is SEO?

If you have a website, then you should be trying to get as much traffic on that site as possible. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but one of the most common methods used by both small businesses and big corporations is search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO. Gone are the days you could just Design a site and wait for people to come.. Today you need to consider how you attract people and how they interact with your website.

Increasing Web Traffic – SEO

When someone goes to a search engine like Google and types in the terms they want found, Google then runs all over the Internet examining every website it can find. It then runs down a checklist to see where any given website should be when it creates a list of the best results. For example, Google would skim the article looking for key words (matches for the search terms which were used), and those that had more key words would go closer to the top of the list. So if someone types in “tips for growing roses” the articles with that exact phrase will be given more weight, followed by articles that mention terms like “rose” “tips” and “growing” separately.

In addition to key words a search engine also looks carefully at other factors. For example, a search engine will look at how much traffic a given website receives as a way to gauge how popular it is. Sites that are more popular are ranked more highly, and put closer to the top of the order. Another factor is how many other websites have a link leading back to your site, commonly referred to as a backlink. If the Internet was a popularity contest, then backlinks would be votes. In addition to these things, search engines can also check for a bounce back rate (how often people click on your site, then immediately click the back button), whether your site is mobile-friendly, how old your site is, and several other categories. When taken as a whole these different aspects are all used to determine where your site should rank on search results.

Search engine optimization is looking at these categories, and making sure your website fits what a search engine is looking for. That means editing your website and making sure you use the proper phrases and keywords. It also means making sure your site is mobile-friendly, increasing your backlinks, and generally running down the checklist of what a search engine expects your site to have.

The result? Search engines put your site higher on the list of search results. That means you get closer to the top spot, more people see your link, and more people will click through to your website. It’s a lot of work, and it has to be constantly updated and maintained, but SEO is a traffic generation method that gets consistent results.

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