Local Search Predictions You Need to Know: From Maps to Google Pay-Per-Click

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Local Search Predictions You Need to Know: From Maps to Google Pay-Per-Click

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As marketing continues to evolve in the digital age, local search has become more essential for geocentric businesses to find the best success. Just a decade ago,local search capability wasn’t really possible on search engines. It made it challenging for local businesses to find more targeted customers, and instead went on mere chance being found on a search engine.

Here’s some predictions about local search trends for 2016 that you need to know about. Many of these hone in on things you’re already seeing, though with improvements for increasingly better consumer targeting.

Apple Maps Are Back

Real-time mapping data is available now (adding your business so that it appears on the digital map), giving more opportunities for immediacy in helping people find you.

If you want to establish a presence using maps, you need to be aware about the dominance war between Google Maps and Apple Maps.Apple Maps got off to a rocky start several years ago. Since then, things have improved dramatically to a point where it may become a tough choice for consumers deciding to use Google or Apple Maps.

Until now it has been easy to ignore Apple Maps and just concentrate on your Google listing. Now that Apple is back, it’s worth ‘getting on the map’ for both platforms.

Google Local Search Pay-Per-Click

Experts believe that this is the year Google will introduce a pay-per-click model specifically for local search. This service has seen a ‘soft launch’ in certain areas, and will likely be adopted on a large scale soon.

What this means is that ads can now appear in local finder results. Sure, it’s just another way for them to make money, but keep in mind this could be a big opportunity for local businesses.

Yelp May Finally Get More Competitors

User-generated contentis starting to increase for local business reviews and information. Consumers love user reviews, due to their perceived authenticity.

Yelp is the undisputed master for online reviews, but many local businesses have had headaches relying on Yelp’s confusing algorithms. Things are changing, however, and Yelp will likely soon have more competitors. A new, dominant site that challenges Yelp hasn’t emerged…yet. But it’s only a matter of time.

Using Local Mobile Search Technology

It makes sense for local business to advertise on mobile search. Many of your customers are on the go when they’re searching for you. It’s no surprise that mobile technology is at the forefront in local search evolution. Google is more or less leading the way, especially with their “Near Me” search process. The company says searches about location are increasing exponentially, which proves the extreme desire from consumers to find businesses locally.

As a result, your own business needs to think of mobile first when it comes to getting found. Since most people want information fast while on the go, many search engines provide detailed information through every step of the local search journey.
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