New Innovations in Website Design: Customizing Your Navigation Bar

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New Innovations in Website Design: Customizing Your Navigation Bar

Virtually every business, large or small, has a website these days. How can you make sure that yours stands out among the crowd and that your customers can quickly and efficiently navigate your content?

The Importance of a Well Designed Navigation Bar

According to successful web designers, a major tool for helping your visitors reach important content quickly and efficiently is your site’s navigation bar. You need to carefully consider your choices when designing a navigation bar to balance your customers’ need to find information simply with an eye-catching, innovative design that sets your business apart from your competition.

How to Make Your Navigation Bar Stand Out

Creating unique navigation bars for websites is a growing trend in 2015. Companies have learned that by integrating a one-of-a-kind design with easy to use features, their navigation bar can reach a wider variety of clients. Patrick McNeil offers three innovative suggestions to consider when designing your navigation bar:

  1. Use a clever and simple navicon: an icon that when clicked displays a variety of hidden menus. This allows customers to navigate a wide range of content while leaving your website with a clean, modern feel.
  2. Use a full screen menu where a click on a navicon leads the customer to a navigation overlay full of choices.
  3. Use a super-sized drop down menu with cleverly chosen content to drive customers to strategic points in your website.

By incorporating any or all of these exciting, emerging trends you can make sure your website stays competitive in a growing market. Contact us for help designing an eye-catching and functional navigation bar customized for your unique needs.