Online Bookings – Healthy for You and Your Customers

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July 24, 2015
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July 24, 2015
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Online Bookings – Healthy for You and Your Customers


In our society today, nearly everyone has access to the internet, and most people carry their calendar in their phone rather than in a binder.

Part of it depends on the questions you need to ask yourself when clients call in to normally schedule an appointment.

1. Are all appointments created equal?

Can you be sure that all of your client’s needs will be taken care of in a set amount of time? Do you have one appointment setting to meet the needs of every client, or do you often ask a series of questions on the phone to determine if you need to schedule 20 minutes or two hours? If all of your appointments are a cookie-cutter length, then online appointments are a perfect way to go! If clients are able to define the different levels of appointments as well, and can be trusted to be in charge of that decision, online bookings can help keep the business running smoothly as well.

2. Is your available schedule consistent on a regular basis?

While every health and wellness office has changes to available appointments from time to time, if the openings are consistent from one week to the next more than they are different, an online scheduling system could definitely be the way to go. Even if there is some variance, an online system could be the most effective way to fill up as many appointments as possible.

3. Do you want clients to be able to make appointments even if you aren’t available to take their call?

Here, this question should be a simple one to answer. Yes. You are in the business of helping people, and if you are doing your job effectively and full time, you won’t always be available to take another client’s call. For that reason, online booking will help to maintain the health of your business and promote the use of your services to your clients.

4. Would you like to have fewer no-shows?

Due to the way many online scheduling systems are operated, automatic reminders can be sent to the client in timely manners. This helps to minimize the number of clients who don’t show up for their scheduled appointment, helps to keep your office running smoothly, and keeps revenue up to the standards you need.

The basic answer is that online bookings should be considered for just about every service-based business. It helps clients stay involved in their care, helps keep some administrative task out of your responsibility, and helps to keep your practice’s appointments as fully booked as possible. Contact us to learn more.