The Power of Influencer Marketing

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September 2, 2016
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September 13, 2016
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The Power of Influencer Marketing

In the old days of marketing, newspaper and tv advertising ruled as there was no “digital ads” available to compete with them. Since everyone depended on these few media outlets, getting your message in front of your target market meant advertising through newspapers and TV commercials. While inefficiently blasting everyone with your advertisement sounds like a bad marketing practice, the audience was large enough such that your advertisement still reaped positive ROI even if your target niche was relatively small.

The Rising Popularity of Influencer Marketing

The times have quickly changed with the rise of the Internet and social media. There’s now a huge number of media outlets online that report news and industry-related trends in real time. As the market’s acceptance of social media has grown, the number of people and outlets reporting news stories has also increased. If you consider a single social network like YouTube, there are now thousands of personalities on that video sharing site with sizeable followings. Each of those personalities could be considered one media outlet for advertising purposes. And that’s just one social network!

Focusing on influencers is now becoming a more crucial part of online businesses and their brand strategy. With roughly 40% of the 18 to 29 demographic using some form of ad blocking, it’s becoming crucial for businesses to find personalities that can get their message out. When the marketing is woven into an influencer’s content, that’s a message that ad blockers will never be able to touch.

What’s an Influencer?

An influencer is someone who sways other peoples’ opinions and actions through their writing and speaking. Instead of trying to respond to all the different conversations going on, marketers today should concentrate only on the influencers who overlap with their target demographic. Businesses will have more luck partnering with a chosen influencer, allowing them to persuade their tribe of followers on their behalf. This is a much better strategy than simply going into an audience with a cold sell. Getting an influencer to work on your behalf lets you work with a warm audience who are already open to hearing what your influencer has to say on a variety of topics.

How to Find Influencers

Businesses are now caught in this onrush of news stories being broadcast through many different channels. It can be difficult finding one personality among the crowd that is suitable for a business’s marketing message. Towards that end, smart marketing professionals today can utilize technology tools best suited to broadcast their specific message. Services like Famebit allow businesses to partner with a YouTube personality and get their message out to the influencer’s followers. Businesses wanting to reach a younger demographic can target Instagram influencers using sites like and

Is a Particular Influencer Right For You?

There are a few ways to gauge how well an influencer fits in with your marketing campaign.

  • Move beyond “number of followers” as a gauge of someone’s influence. You can’t just look at the number of followers or social shares to gauge an influencer’s a fit for you on social media. One problem is that for some social networks (Twitter in particular) are notorious for having users employing bots to inflate their followers. The second problem is that your target influencer has to be properly niched to have any positive impact on your marketing campaigns. For example, if a business randomly targets influencers in the recipe sphere for their healthy eating campaign, then you might also be getting influencers who cater to the dessert baking crowd. Your desired influencer’s viewpoints and content they produce will have to mesh well with your unique selling point if you want to persuade your new potential market.
  • A true influencer should have some clout in their field of expertise. It helps if an influencer is often quoted a by many other people on blogs or even more widely in the traditional press.
  • An influencer doesn’t really do influencer marketing unless they can drive people to action. According to Adweek, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from others when deciding on whether to purchase something. By targeting the right influencer, their followers are more likely to take action if your product or service harmonizes well with the influencer’s content and communication style.
If you’re interested in sorting through the noise and finding your perfect marketing audience, contact us today for a consultation.
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