Social Media Packages

Looking to add social media to your marketing efforts?

We’ve put together some packages below that can help you grow your business through social media. These are all inclusive packages that include planning, publishing, amplification and reporting. 

You can also add other promotional activities to further enhance your social media efforts. Just pick the channels most appropriate for your business and decide what extras you want to promote.

Pick 3 (10)Pick 3 (15)Pick 4 (20)
Extra (recommended for campaigns)
Facebook Boosting **$$$
LinkedIn Boosting **$$$
Instagram Boosting **$$$
Building Instagram Followers
(recommended for new accounts)
Image Purchase$50$75$100
* If you select Instagram as one of your "Picks", please add $100 as posting is done manually (publishing & monitoring)
** We recommend a monthly boosting budget of $250-$500 for content amplification.
Our Social Media packages include the creation, publishing and basic amplification of content
Each package also includes monthly reporting and a 1 hour client call / month.