The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website for Customer Base Growth

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July 22, 2015
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July 24, 2015
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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website for Customer Base Growth

The importance of a mobile friendly website can not be understated. There are many segments of your customer base that will grow if you have a website that looks great on mobile.

Increased Power of Customer Referrals
Perhaps you have a customer that is really excited about your product or service. If someone mentions your website all the time to friends, he could generate sales for you. However, if he does not have access to a mobile version of your website you could be losing this word-of-mouth power.

Hit Your Customers When They Are Happy
One reason your customers are browsing from desktops is that they are at work. While some people really enjoy their jobs, others may frequently find themselves bored or otherwise unhappy on the job.
Your customers browsing from mobile are more likely to be on their free time. Many jobs do not let employees indiscriminately use their phones. This way you can target people who are in a better state of mind all around.

Brick and mortar stores could be competitors of yours. If so, it would be necessary to give people an on-the-go solution to these stores.
Many savvy consumers today do price comparison. The internet makes it too easy not to. If people are doing price comparisons on their mobile device, make it easy for them.

Feel to contact us today to help you make your own responsive, mobile friendly website. When the new customers start rolling in you will be happy that you did. Just look at all the potential customer base growth you neglect without a mobile friendly website.

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