Things to Avoid in Web Design – Advice From an Oakville Web Designer

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July 24, 2015
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Things to Avoid in Web Design – Advice From an Oakville Web Designer

When it comes to web design, what you don’t add to your site is just as important as what you do. There are certain elements of web design which take away from the user experience. As your friendly neighbourhood Oakville Web Designer (and a graphic designer), I will walk you through 4 things listed in a recent Next Web article that you should avoid at all costs:

Cluttered or distracting visuals

There’s no doubt that media plays an important role in web design. But if you add too many videos, pictures, and GIFs, it eventually becomes detrimental.

You should only use media sparingly. Once you start adding too much, it just distracts users.

Inconsistencies in the interface

Consistency is an important quality of a business website. If you want to make a good impression on prospective customers, you need to establish a coherent brand identity.

Your website shouldn’t have any inconsistencies that confuse consumers. Keep things uniform and simple.

Unnecessary decisions/actions

The mail goal of your website is to offer a quality customer experience. Each link your customers click on should take them another step further in the experience.

Try to limit the options you offer consumers. If there are too many, then they might get lost in the customer experience. It’s better to lead them step-by-step.

Confusing or never-before-seen functions

In terms of web design, bells and whistles aren’t necessarily a good thing. We recommend adding elements like Parallax scrolling which enhance the experience but don’t take away from your content.

Don’t experiment with new and trendy web design elements. You don’t know if they’ll benefit your site or if they’ll detract from your user experience.

As long as you avoid these four things, you’ll likely offer a coherent customer experience. Then you can start focusing on other things like lead conversion.

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Carl Messenger-Lehman
President, Hyperweb Communications