Things To Do To Help You Attract More Sales – Advice From an Oakville Web Designer

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July 22, 2015
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Things To Do To Help You Attract More Sales – Advice From an Oakville Web Designer

As your friendly neighbourhood Oakville web designer, I’ve seen a lot of well-designed websites. I’ve also seen a lot of bad ones. Even more common are the ones that are okay… at first glance. But when you delve a little deeper, some problems start to surface.

In past years, many small businesses opted to design their own websites. . Financially, this can be a very tempting choice. Sometimes an owner had a family member or knew a neighborhood kid that could complete the work. Sometimes they designed their own site using a template. These sites can look decent sometimes, if the designer has enough programming and design knowledge going in. If he doesn’t though, the site will always look like a template, or even just a bit “off”.

Modern trends are making new demands on a businesses’ online representation. Template sites are great for very small businesses and some non-profits. However, most online businesses must meet with changing buyer expectations.

The Ever Evolving Website

You have to track your website regularly in several different ways. There are re-evaluations for you to do on your own and re-evaluations that your marketing expert will do.

Every few months or so, your marketing expert will do a light SEO review to decide if your site is still optimized properly for the web to bring in traffic. He will also decide if you should participate in any new trends, since a few months gives you time to see if they are worthwhile. Just imagine, no one knew the power of Twitter or Pinterest in the first month.

He will also use his marketing expertise to recommend any other strategies that can help to generate leads for your business including email, video and content marketing.

On your end, you must track your traffic to see what people are searching for to find your site and see what searches result in the most sales. You must do this so that you and your marketing expert can capitalize on this information and strategically expand your efforts.

The World Gone Mobile

Every site must have mobile representation. An awkward, jumbled mobile website or app is not user-friendly. It forces your users to scroll down and across to see whole pages and makes them struggle to press buttons. You need to have a mobile site that respects the medium, loads quickly and provides potential customers with a pleasant experience.

“The New Customer Service”

On SocialMediaToday.Com, Tricia Morris has gathered 13 statistics about customer service though social media that show you just how important it is. Customers now expect good customer service through all channels including chat, phone, email, contact form, and especially, through social media.
Social media exposure is helpful in any modern customer service campaign. Many businesses do have success marketing through Facebook and Twitter. However, whether you advertise through social media or not, if customers ask you questions through social media, they expect answers.

In fact, according to one statistic Morris listed from NM Incite:

“71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers who do not receive a response.”

Good web design takes programming knowledge, a keen sense of design and an understanding of current marketing strategies. As a business professional, you’re too busy to keep up with all these things. However a professional Oakville website designer (like your truly) can handle these things on your behalf.

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Carl Messenger-Lehman
President, Hyperweb Communications