Top 12 Things About Advertising on Social Media I Learned at INBOUND 2015

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September 7, 2015
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September 18, 2015
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Top 12 Things About Advertising on Social Media I Learned at INBOUND 2015

Between Carl, Terry and myself, we  found out a LOT of things at the INBOUND 2015 conference. Like, a LOT. Here’s an actual photo of me after the 3-day conference was over:

cat-imageOne of my favourite sessions was “The Top Social Media Hacks of All Time” hosted by Larry Kim from Wordstream. Here are my top insights about advertising on social media from that talk.

  1. People spend 20% of their online time on social media channels.
  2. The average Facebook user checks their Facebook feed 14 times per day.
  3. A lot of content goes nowhere – 5% drives almost 50% of all page views.
  4. Since Facebook changed its algorhithym, organic views of posts are down all over. In fact, the average number of your fans who will view your page (organically, with no paid boosting) is only about 6%.
  5. Using social media remarketing can increase your engagement rate by 3X and your conversion rate by 2X. Want to learn more about attracting customers to Facebook? Download our eBook!
  6. Your social media ad’s quality score is a big deal. A good quality score saves you money and gets more clicks. Improve by 1%? Your cost will decrease by 5%! And…. vice versa.
  7. Be picky! Don’t boost every single post – only promote the winners. Establish a minimum threshold to promote (paid) the top 15% performers.
  8. You can upload your mailing list to Facebook ad campaign and target only the people on that list. (What would you like to say or offer your customers on Facebook?)
  9. You can upload a list of Twitter IDs or Facebook accounts to your ad campaigns and target only the people on that list. (Do you have a list of influencers you’d like to put your content in front of, like influencers, bloggers or journalists?)
  10. You can create a Twitter ad campaign targeting a specific #hashtag. (Does your target audience have particular interests you’d like to target?)
  11. Get your customers to call you. Use the Facebook Call Now button when creating an ad campaign to skip going to a website – they can call you direct. (Awesome for mobile users. About half of Facebook users are on mobile only).
  12. When you use paid social media campaigns, you’ll get organic clicks as well. Example: Facebook User A likes a Paid Ad > User A’s friend see it can clicks or likes as well. You only pay for User A!
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There was an amazing array of content available at INBOUND 2015. If you want to find out more about what’s new in social media marketing and find out what you could be doing to improve your channels, send me an email. ([email protected])

carl-terryCarl and Terry chillin’ at Club Inbound 2015

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