5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Ranking in Google & Get More Traffic

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June 28, 2021
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Want to rank high in Google? Here are 5 simple things you can do to boost your ranking and get more traffic.

Boost Your Ranking

Did you know that, on average, Google returns about 1.2 million search results for the phrase "best marketing blogs"? That means there are a lot of companies out there who make it their business to rank high in Google's search engine. But how do they do it? Here are 5 simple things to boost your ranking and get more traffic.

Improve your on-page SEO

Among the fastest ways to your top ranking on Google is on-site SEO, because it is possible to optimize your site in about 2 minutes and begin to see your ranking improve within days. You can optimize your page by ensuring that your keyword is at the beginning of your title tag. Secondly, you can optimize by providing that your content is at least 1800 words. Google analysis clearly shows that the longer the content, the higher the ranking.

Match your content to search intent

Google is so much concerned with how people interact with your page. It's important to note that Google's ranking is dependent on how much you can meet the search intent. If searchers can get what they are after from your website, you can tap your back because your top ranking is just knocking. Make sure that your site gives exactly to the searchers what they are exactly after.

Add LSI Keywords to your page

LSI keywords are words related to the topic of your site. The LSI keywords confirm to Google that your content is strictly about the subject. By adding LSI keywords, you cover an entire case on a single page, which is one of the essential keys for ranking at the top of Google. Using LSI keywords will also help your customers find what they’re looking for on your site without having to search through a lot of unorganized information.

In addition, LSI keywords will help you avoid getting penalized by Google for keyword stuffing, which is when you excessively use keywords on a page in an attempt to manipulation search engine rankings.

Pay attention to your technical SEO

Technical SEO problems can cause a significant negative impact on your site's SEO. This means that such a problem is worth paying attention to before they make your site nose-dive. It would be best to take caution on a few things: first, double-check to ensure that your site is 100 percent optimized for mobile devices. Secondly, because the average loading time for your page is a Google ranking factor, you can check how quickly your page can load.

Reduce your site's bounce rate

Another tip to employ and boost your ranking and have more traffic is reducing the bounce rate on your page. Google is not impressed to see people entering a site and immediately going back to the search results. Immediate bounce is a sign that the page does not meet the searchers' interests.

Bottom line

By trying and incorporating the above tips, you will be free from thinking that Google hates your website and deliver your page from getting ranked on the bottom page of Google. It's your time to position your page rightly.

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