Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization is about improving your online presence in a local region. It’s called Geo-targeting and its based on the premise that your business depends primarily on “Local” customers.

It is most suited to a “Service” based business. You don’t need to optimize your business for the entire world
if you service a local area. The approach we take for Local SEO is different than our standard SEO solutions.

We focus on more local directories, optimize content emphasizing your area, adjust webmaster settings for local emphasis, and ensure the backlinking articles and press releases we create.

Ideally suited for:

Dentists Plumbers
Chiropractors Electricians
Salons & Spa Movers
Retail Stores Junk Removal
Restaurants Repair Shops
Cleaning Services

Local Search Optimization Hyperweb


Search Optimization services
Dentists designed to target your local area.

  • Map Listings
  • Business Sites submissions
  • Yellow Pages Submissions
  • Local Web directory Listings
  • Review Sites
  • About Company Profile updates
  • Optimize Google+ Places Listings
  • Yahoo & Bing Portal Listing
  • DMOZ listing Description
  • Meta Tags Updates
  • Keyword Meta Tags Updates
  • Monthly Rank Reports