Our clients testimonials below are just a small sample of the different types of companies using Hyperweb to develop their online communications… and I think they like us!


Plutus | Hyperweb.ca

"We use Hyperweb for our inbound marketing.
After hiring Hyperweb, what really surprised me is the attention we got from the local community. I'm talking other vendors, I'm talking competitors, I'm talking about designers who otherwise would have never recognized us. The benefits of working with Hyperweb have generated more traffic to our website, more leads, and definitely more business. The Hyperweb design team has done fantastic for us as well, too. The ideas they come up with are fresh. The service they provide in following up and nurturing the marketing that we’re doing has been fantastic.


“They have just completed a new Web Site for us and we are thrilled with the look and feel of it. We have used Hyperweb on more than one occasion and have always found the quality of their work to be excellent and more than competitively priced. They are pro-active in suggesting options that improved our web site and show they are continually a head of the industry in their skills and offerings. We have referred Hyperweb a number of times and will continue to do so.”
Adrian Herschell, Plutus Consulting Group

Graphic Results Group | Hyperweb.ca

“For the last 6 years Hyperweb has not only built and hosted our website but has also handled our SEO, Adwords and created 3D Video animations of all our products.”
Rick Burtch, Graphic Results Group

Shammah Outreach Ministries | Hyperweb.ca

“Knowing that I had no technical experience at all, Hyperweb was able to take our vision and our mission and articulate it to create a fabulous website.”
Sandra Benaglia Smith, Shammah Outreach Ministries

Community Living | Hyperweb.ca

Hyperweb has been able to take our vision for the website, turn it into reality. The best part about working with Hyperweb is the level of customer service they offered. There was always someone there to answer my questions. I’d definitely recommend Hyperweb!”
Brett Paveling, Community Living Mississauga