6 Compelling Reasons: Why Email Marketing Is Important to Growing Your Business

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With social media usage growing 356% in the past six years, it’s clear that businesses invest a lot of time cultivating social media messages to reach their target. Whether it’s to increase followers, boost customer engagement, or grow sales, businesses strive to actively find ways to leverage social media for their growth and success.

Email Marketing

But yet, email marketing is still highly effective in growing your business especially the email newsletters.  With 91% of consumers checking their email at least once a day on their smartphones, email is still that “go-to” source people revert back to for deals, information, and solutions to their problems.  When executed properly, your email strategy can be one of your most effective tool in generating revenue.  Incorporating a monthly newsletter is highly important to achieving your online business objectives.

Here are six reasons why your business needs a newsletter strategy to optimize your inbound marketing goals:

1. Connect with Leads & Maintain Important Customer Relationships

Email marketing is simply about connecting.  It serves as a direct line of communication to your customers and one of the best strategies to nurture your leads, moving them closer to the buying decision.  Your newsletter is a rich source for delivering value that continues to solve the major problems your market is facing, positioning your company as the go-to brand for solutions.  It can fulfill many purposes like sharing recent blog content, offering discount opportunities to increase retention, and keeping your audience in the know with industry news.

2. Drives Traffic to Your Site thus Enhancing Your Search Engine Presence

Your email newsletter plays a vital role in driving traffic and increasing sales.  Your newsletter unquestionably includes links to your website, thus helping to send subscribers back to your site enhancing SEO results.  As your traffic grows, your SEO improves.  When your prospective market is searching for solutions, you want your content to show up! To increase your chances of showing up on those results you need to provide the right content at the right time.

3. Proven Strategy to Boost Sales for Your Business

When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate compared to social, direct mail and others. Wondering why? Because these are the people who opted-in to receive the newsletter. So make sure you provide the right message.

4. Increases Your Social Media Following

Looking for ways to naturally boost your social media presence?  Your email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.  Including social buttons within your newsletter message dramatically improves your content reach to ideal customers and helps build your online community.  The key is creating value-filled newsletter content that resonates with your target audience and positively represents you.  Don’t forget to include images and video…these content formats go a long way on social media!

5. Perfect Tool to Showcase Your Business & Create Brand Awareness

Newsletters give you the chance to put some spotlight on your business, showing your how your company is doing doing and how you continue to provide value to the market.  Whether you're advertising a special sale, sharing a new product launch, or sending happy holiday wishes, it's a great way to promote and humanize your brand, making you more relatable.

6. Simple to Execute & Highly Cost-Effective

Creating an email newsletter is much easier than you think.  Email marketing tools include templates that have a drag and drop option to create your newsletter without programming it. Always remember the goal is to be clear on the purpose and the desired results you want to achieve with your newsletter.  This helps you to remain focused on your audience, keep it simple, and executing the job quickly.
Even with the rise of social media marketing, email newsletters are still killing it for growing businesses and creating awareness about your brand.  The key to having a successful newsletter campaign is to be consistent in delivery, focus on the needs and problems of your target market, offer solutions in your content, and keep them short and well-designed .  Crafting messages that your audience can relate to and engage with will keep your brand in the forefront.

For more information on how to uniquely incorporate an email strategy that excels the goals of your business, contact us here for a consultation.  We're an inbound company equipped to help generate results online for your business.