Attract, Convert & Close More Business

Can we change the frequency of blogging?
No,  It's important to blog consistently. We use your blog for awareness in the same way that you might buy PPC adwords or buy space in a local newspaper. Our campaigns are based on publishing a weekly blog (4x / month). We require this frequency for several reasons: content to promote on social media, content for building out premium content like ebooks, content to enhance your websites SEO performance.
How can you write for my business / industry?
We use multiple writing networks with niche expertise to write the content required. The writers will know about and study your site, and they will have a specific set of keywords that they will be working from when they write a post for you to look at. 
Will the blogs be written just for me? Will I own them?
Yes. The blog posts are 100 percent yours; the writer has no ownership claim to them, and you can do with them whatever you want. You can edit them, put photos with them, put them in a newsletter, whatever you want.
What If i don’t have Social Media accounts yet?
In the event that you are new to social media, we can setup your account for you for a 1-time fe
Is there a contract?
Yes, because of the upfront setup costs, strategy and planning, as well as the software requirements, we require a 12 month contract be signed.
What is a workflow?
A workflow is series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s behaviours or contact information. With workflows, you can send a series of time based emails to educate/nurture customers.
Is the SEO really effective?
Search Optimization is an art and a science. Getting on page 1 depends on the competitiveness of your industry and the keywords we target. For our Silver and Gold packages we provide ongoing see on specific keywords. Choosing the keywords is an important part of determining your success. Here are a couple examples of results for other clients.  Case 1  Case 2
What if i already have an Email broadcasting tool?
Our campaigns require email workflows and integrate with other tools on your website. If you already have a Mailchimp account we can integrate it. If your account is not Mailchimp we need to migrate your account to Mailchimp. The software fee is included in the setup charge for lists under 1000 people.
How do you track results?
We rely on Google Analytics, to measure the impact of our efforts.
What do you mean when you say “Amplify”
Amplifying content is about getting more people looking at your content. There are a variety of tools out their for expanding your message. In some cases the tools depend on the audience we need to reach. For faster results we encourage clients to consider our Premium application 
How fast will i see results
The campaign builds momentum over time, as we amass more content, premium downloads and increase conversation opportunities the campaign builds momentum.  Typically, you’ll see your contact list growing and more awareness in the first few months and momentum will build as more conversion points are added.
What if i want faster results?
We offer premium add-ons for PPC and Amplification to help drive results faster. Enquire about pricing for these services.