Why You’re Struggling to Write Content for Your Website (And What to Do About It)

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website content writingLike most business owners, you find it challenging to write website content. You know it's essential, but you don't know where to start. You stare at a blank screen for hours, and nothing comes out. And it's not very good when you finally manage to write something. Here's why writing website content is so hard - and what you can do about it.

11 reasons its challenging to write website content:

  1. You don't have the time or energy to focus on website writing with everything else you're dealing with in your business.
  2. Let's face it, no other reasons matter after point #1. 🙂
  3. You know website writing is important, but you can't find the motivation or time to do it.
  4. You don't have a clear idea of what you want your website to accomplish.
  5. You aren't sure how website writing fits your overall marketing strategy and are struggling to connect website content with other aspects of your website and marketing efforts.
  6. You don't think website content writing is a high priority for your business and would rather focus on other aspects of website optimization.
  7. You aren't confident in your writing skills and are unsure what to say.
  8. You have trouble understanding the importance of website copywriting and its role in website design and marketing.
  9. You find it difficult to write website content that is engaging and interesting for your target audience.
  10. You're intimidated by having to write hundreds (or even thousands) of words for your website content - especially if you aren't a professional writer.
  11. You aren't sure what other website owners are doing to write successful website copy and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available on this topic.

But still...

Despite all these challenges, you know that website copywriting is an essential part of digital marketing success - which means that it's something you have to figure out if you want your business to thrive online. With the right tools and resources, however, you can overcome these struggles and write website content that resonates with your target audience.

Things we've seen people do...

With 25 years of experience, we've seen a lot of different approaches to writing content; here are some of the various approaches (for better or worse).

Things that NEVER seem to work:

Borrowing (Stealing) content from other websites: While this may seem easy, it can hurt your website's search rankings and put you at risk for penalties from Google. Or worse, lawsuits for plagiarism. But I'd be more worried about the lost sleep from living with your guilty conscience.

Post the copy from their 10-year-old brochure Verbatim: While this may seem quick and easy, website copy that is out-of-date or irrelevant can alienate your audience and discourage website visitors from taking action. It wasn't written for the web, and it's not going to resonate.

Delegating (Abdicating) responsibility to a junior person: Worrying about website content writing can be stressful, and you may feel tempted to hand it off to someone else in your team - but this approach often leads to subpar website copy that doesn't reflect your brand or connect with your audience.

Things that CAN work

Signing up for website copywriting courses or online training programs: Through online training, you can learn website writing strategies and techniques that will help you write website content that genuinely connects with your audience.

Getting someone to interview/record you:

Let's face it - the biggest challenge in writing is getting all that knowledge out of someone's head.

Recording interviews and asking specific questions can be a good start for busy people. Using Zoom and transcription tools can make this approach quite easy.

Things that WILL work

Investing in website copywriting services: Hiring a professional website copywriter can effectively get high-quality website content that engages your audience and drives conversions. Let's face it; people hire you because you're an expert at what you do. Unless that's "writing for the web," it makes sense to leave the writing to the writing professionals. 🙂

So what's right for you?

Whether you're struggling with website copywriting due to a lack of writing skills or time, there are strategies and techniques that you can use to create website content that resonates with your audience. Options include online training programs, interviewing and recording techniques, and professional website copywriting services. With the right tools and resources, you can overcome website copywriting challenges and create content that drives conversions.