Top 5 Uses of Video to Better Your Marketing Strategy

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March 30, 2017
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April 4, 2017

Video marketing is one of the best tools you can leverage to increase brand awareness, boost lead generation, close sales, and foster relationships. It significantly builds the know, like and trust factor which is crucial in getting prospects to take action.Startling statistics prove time and time again that video has a compelling way of capturing attention and drawing people into your brand message. In fact, YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year!

Top 5 Uses of Video to Better Your Marketing Strategy | Hyperweb Communications

Therefore, ramping up your video usage in your marketing will yield highly favorable results and create the exposure you desire. You’ll build your online presence in a way that positions you as an expert and drives more traffic to your content. The key is to ensure your videos align with your ultimate business objectives so they’re purposeful and moves you closer to your desired goal.

In this guide, we outline the top five uses of video in your marketing strategy. Consider how implementing these video topics can better your marketing and connections with your followers.

1. Share Your Story

Storytelling marketing is the perfect way to connect prospects to your brand message. People enjoy hearing stories is about how you got started, the reason why you began your company, and who you intend to impact. It successfully humanizes your brand, making you relatable. You’ll convince your audience in a non-threatening way, creating memorable experiences.

Telling your story on video is even more powerful. Viewers get to look directly into your eyes and feel your passion and excitement for what you do. Create videos that allow you to do just that!

2. Feature Your Products

Users actually find it helpful to watch videos that explain the features, details, and benefits of your product. They’re much easier for consumers to understand versus reading a set of instructions. Producing mini-videos that illustrate your product in action and how customers can use it for their success is a killer way to create long-term engagement.

Also, promote each of your products (especially your flagship one) to foster sales. Leverage video giving the features, advantages, and the call-to-action on how they can purchase.

3. Include on Landing Pages

Did you know that including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% (Source: Hubspot) Again, videos build trust. For prospects who’ve never experienced your brand before or are recently getting to know you, a video on a landing page can bridge the relationship quickly, encouraging them to opt-in. The key is having an enticing lead magnet that resonates with their interest or solves a problem.

The more in tuned you are with your market, the better lead offers you’ll produce that boosts conversions.

4. Expand on Niche-Related and Customer Topics

YouTube is the second largest search engine with plenty of room for your brand to capitalize and rank for keywords that gets in front of your audience. One way to grow your channel is by posting topics related to your niche or brand. You can expand on popular blog posts, post videos on keywords your audience is actively searching for, and report breaking news.

Also, you can really WOW your customers by answering FAQs on videos. Consider those common inquiries you get from prospects and customers alike? You can really build up your YouTube channel while giving you more video real estate online.

5. Offer as a Lead Magnet

A video series serves as an excellent lead offer to boost your email subscribers. You can take a truly complex topic or problem and give solutions over 3-5 videos. You’ll over-deliver on value, delving deeper into the subject matter and further bolstering your thought-leadership. A video series can position your business in a bright light, showing that if your free offer is this good, imagine how their experience would be as a customer!

Finally, this lead magnet also encourages subscribers to keep opening your email content (increasing open percentages), getting them in the habit of seeing your brand and putting you top of mind in your industry.

Videos simply enrich your marketing strategy. Commit to choosing 2-3 of the topics mentioned and include them in your marketing. Test your results and discover what resonates best with your audience. With consistency, you’ll see a major improvement in your follower numbers, social engagement, leads…and sales!

Much success.

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