Why Your Website Needs an Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Today it's more essential than ever to use an integrated approach to marketing. You can't just have a Web Design without thinking about how yu attract, convert and close new business. Most of your website visitors engage in text messaging, watch videos, and use social media. By reaching out to them on multiple channels, you reinforce your message and connect more effectively. Let's look at why your website needs an integrated marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Helps You Tell Stories and Build Trust

Repeated exposure increases trust. It's simply human nature to trust what's familiar. Naturally, people aren't going to trust you in the long run if you don't provide great products and support. However, one of the best ways to build trust in the first place is to build a brand by telling stories. Yet it's hard to tell compelling stories on only one platform. To do this, you really need an integrated marketing approach.

If you think about it, the most successful brands in the world brand themselves on multiple fronts. They have logos, TV commercials, jingles, sayings and images to reach people in a number of ways. Even if you don't have a huge marketing budget, it's still possible to do this on a smaller scale.

A comprehensive marketing strategy helps you build a cohesive brand. A presence that's consistent across multiple channels lets you establish a strong image in your customers' minds. If they see your logo and absorb your messages on your website, Facebook page, tweets, videos and anywhere else you're active, they start to recognize and trust you.

Make a Stronger Impression

With so many distractions, it's getting more difficult to make lasting connections with website visitors. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to engage with people on several different channels. Business websites typically have a system for capturing visitors' email addresses. This is an effective strategy and one worth implementing. However, you don't have to stop there.

Email open rates for most industries are only a little over 20%. Even a 20% open rate, of course, may yield great results if you leverage your subscribers. However, this points to why it's a good idea to reach your audience using other platforms as well. An integrated strategy actually improves your results all around. For example, people are more likely to open your emails if they've recently visited your Facebook page or watched one of your videos on YouTube.

It's Efficient and Cost Effective

With today's tools and resources, it's possible to get more leverage from all your content. For example, once you write a blog post, you may as well share it on Twitter and Facebook. Use automated social media tools to make it easier to share content on multiple social networks.

There are many other ways to reuse and repurpose content. There's software that converts articles to videos. Another option is to turn articles or videos into podcasts. Reuse photos and illustrations to create slideshows and infographics. All of these actions give you more ways to reach your audience with a minimum of extra effort and expense.

Better Teamwork

Keep in mind that an integrated marketing strategy is more than just activity on multiple channels. It means consistent and integrated actions across platforms. If your style is inconsistent, you send confusing messages that don't support brand building. Building an effective brand requires solid teamwork.

That's why an integrated marketing strategy is valuable not only for building trust with customers but also for building a cohesive team within your own organization. In order to create integrated campaigns, it's essential for everyone to work together. Integration means that your PPC specialist, web designer, videographer, and social media marketer are all on the same page. This approach creates a stronger business where everyone is working towards a common goal.

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