Why Most Web Design Companies Suck: The Dark Side of the Web

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Bad Web Design Companies

Why Most Web Design Companies Suck

There are some bad Web Design Companies out there, but the first question you might ask is: Why would a company in the web business bring attention to the poor state of the industry? 

The short answer: We are often the ones who are cleaning up other web developers' messes. We often get referred to when things go badly. We have a reputation (based on experience) for being able to solve these ugly situations.

The longer answer:

If you've ever hired a web design company, chances are you had a bad experience. Many people have bad experiences with web design companies. Why is that? Well, there are a few reasons.

  1. Many companies have limited experience and don't know what they're doing. They rely on templates and generic designs that don't reflect your business or brand.
  2. They don't have any formal training from accredited institutions
  3. They lack partner status with industry partners like Google, SemRush, WPEngine, Etc.
  4. Most web design companies are more interested in making money than in providing quality service.
  5. They often don't listen to their clients and create websites that the client hates.

Tips on how to find a good web design company.

First, ensure that the web design company you're considering has plenty of experience. Ask them for examples of their work and see if they're familiar with your industry. If they're not, chances are they won't be able to create a website that truly reflects your business.

Second of all, make sure that the web design company you choose is more interested in providing quality service than making money. A good way to gauge this is to ask them for a customized quote. If they're unwilling to provide one, move on to another company.

Finally, ensure you communicate with the web design company throughout the process. Explain your vision for the website and make sure they understand what you're looking for. If you're not happy with the final product, don't be afraid to speak up! The best web design companies are willing to listen to their clients and make changes accordingly.

Following these tips, you should be able to find a good web design company that will create a beautiful, effective website for your business.

27 Complaints

If you Google “complaints about web design companies,” you will find no shortage of unhappy customers.

There are so many bad experiences out there that we decided to list a bunch of them here:

Here are 27 of the most common complaints we found:

  1. They don’t listen to their clients.
  2. They don’t understand their client’s business or industry.
  3. They use generic templates instead of custom designs.
  4. They don’t communicate well with their clients.
  5. They don’t make changes when the client requests them.
  6. The Web Design Company's final product is nothing like what the client asked for.
  7. The website is poorly designed and doesn’t function well.
  8. The website is full of typos and errors.
  9. They overcharged their client.
  10. They take too long to finish the project.
  11. They didn’t finish the project at all.
  12. They disappeared after getting paid.
  13. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing.
  14. The web design companies were very unprofessional.
  15. They were rude and difficult to work with.
  16. They didn’t respond to our emails or phone calls.
  17. We had to constantly chase them for updates on our project.
  18. We never received the final files or login information for our website.
  19. They built our website using an outdated or unsupported platform.
  20. The website is not mobile-friendly.
  21. The website is not search-engine optimized.
  22. They didn’t follow our brand guidelines.
  23. They used unlicensed images on our website.
  24. They stole our content and put it on another website.
  25. The website they built for us looks exactly like another website they built for another client.
  26. We found a security flaw on our website after they built it.
  27. They refuse to give us a refund.

There are plenty of reasons to be wary of web design companies! If you’re planning to hire one, research and choose a reputable company with a good track record. Check their Testimonials, or Ask for References. Review their portfolio. Otherwise, you may end up being one of these unhappy customers...

Or you could just hire us! 🙂