All Ego, no collaboration. Scenario #1: Beware the Egomaniacs

When things go Bad: Website Horror Stories.
January 6, 2023
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January 19, 2023

One recent client we worked with came to us as a victim of an Egomaniac Agency.

Woo'd by a good salesperson, they hired the company, only to find themselves left in the dark with little communication. A few weeks later, they were presented with the "Final Solution," with no discussion and no changes allowed. In the Agency's words, it was an Award Winning Solution that they needed to accept. All Ego, no collaboration. Ultimately, the hiring committee was forced to fire the Agency and start over.

Identifying an Egomaniac Agency can be tricky, but there are signs:

  • An overbearing or pushy sales pitch. The egomaniac might try to pressure the client into making a decision or might try to upsell them on unnecessary services.
  • A lack of accountability or follow-through. The egomaniac might not take responsibility for any problems that arise or might not follow through on promises made to the client.
  • A lack of humility or willingness to listen to others. The egomaniac might brush off suggestions or feedback from coworkers or clients, believing they are always right and know best.
  • A lack of transparency or honesty. The egomaniac agency might make false or exaggerated claims about their abilities or the success of their previous clients. This could lead to the client having unrealistic expectations for their website.
  • Unrealistic Promises: When it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • No Collaboration: You need to be an active participant in the process.
  • No Understanding of Your Needs: Make sure they listen to and understand your vision.
  • No Flexibility: Be careful of anyone unwilling to make changes or accommodate requests.
  • A focus on aesthetics over functionality. The egomaniac might prioritize making their company or client websites look impressive, even if it means sacrificing usability or accessibility.
  • A focus on personal branding rather than the needs of the client. The egomaniac might prioritize promoting their image and reputation over creating a website that meets the client's needs.
  • An overbearing or authoritarian management style. The egomaniac might micromanage their employees or make all the decisions without considering input from others.

Working with this kind of Agency is frustrating and stressful. Sure, an Agency needs to have confidence in its abilities, but it's equally important to be open to feedback and willing to collaborate with its clients.