When things go Bad: Website Horror Stories.

Is your website communicating Cocky? Confident? or something else?
January 6, 2023
Beware the Egomaniacs
All Ego, no collaboration. Scenario #1: Beware the Egomaniacs
January 6, 2023

bad experiences

As experienced web developers, we see a lot of crazy situations. Sometimes we are asked to pick up the pieces of others' failed projects. When that happens, a delicate touch is required. There's no easy way to say this, "clients that have been wronged by less than-professional people in our industry come with baggage."

Their bad experiences vary, but their distrust is universal.

Whether they struggled to communicate their vision, were frustrated with a lack of progress or felt disrespected by the developers, their frustration is REAL. So when they get to the point they are ready to go in another direction, they are stressed out, possibly embarrassed, likely already operating with reduced funds, and wary of EVERYONE.

There is no doubt that breaking up with a (less than professional) web developer can be messy, possibly painful, and occasionally ugly. If the company you hired couldn't finish the project, they are unlikely to be mature enough to handle the breakup well. Inevitably, these situations create unique circumstances that we have to navigate:

Common issues we've navigated for clients

  1. Disappearing developers
  2. Inability to finish the project
  3. Incompetence
  4. Domain held hostage
  5. Website held hostage

And moving forward with them requires rebuilding the trust destroyed by their previous experiences.

Most commonly, these include:

  1. Distrust in what we say
  2. Extreme caution with Contract details
  3. A deep reluctance to participate

In these scenarios, we can help rebuild trust by having the right conversations. We need to demonstrate to the client that their experience is vital to us. Show them how we can work together in a way that's respectful and effective. We also must listen carefully to their needs and be ready to adjust our approach as necessary.

Of course, having an established process helps, but communication is what matters. The once-bitten, twice-shy client needs extra attention and reassurance. We need to be patient and persistent in our efforts to prove that the experience will be different this time.

In the end, rebuilding trust will be worth the hard work. We want to help our clients succeed by creating a positive relationship.

Our biggest reward is a successful website and a happy client.

Working together can make the difference between success and failure, so let's take a step back and reassess how we can improve the experience for all involved. Let's look at our processes and see what needs to be adjusted to ensure a successful project.

We may not be able to undo the bad experiences of the past, but we can certainly create something better.

It's time to move forward with the right attitude and ensure the next website horror story never happens!

Building successful websites takes collaboration and trust between the client and the Agency. We can make something exceptional by understanding each other's needs, creating realistic expectations, and working together to reach shared goals. With the right attitude and extra effort, we can ensure that our next website project is an extraordinary success!